Dale's Gargoyle wearable computer project

What is the Gargoyle?

The Gargoyle wearable computer is a project I am undertaking to study and
improve apon current technologies and adapt them for use in a wearable computer
application and a environment of every-day, practicle use. I am naming the
prototype I am building "Gargoyle". This name comes from Neil Stephenson's
popular cyberpunk novel "Snow Crash". In this a book, a Gargoyle refers to
a person who wears a wearable computer of sorts, and is constantly collecting
information or intel about his/her surroundings, and is near-constantly
jacked into the Metaverse (a futuristic MUSH-like version of the Internet).

How I plan to use the Gargoyle

There are a wide range of applications for a wearable computer system today.
Many people who use a wearable computer, do so with a single use or purpose in
mind (computing aid for disabled persons, manufacturing, laptop alternative)
I plan to use the Gargoyle in multiple applications, including:

Gargoyle guts
The Gargoyle is still in the planning stage, but I have begun to piece together
subsystems that I've already planned out. Below is a rough list of features
and functions I plan to integrate together.

CPU and main systems:




Power source: